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September 2009

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tammy_louise in twilightjewelry

Silver Sparkles

If you are a Twilight fan, what do feathers remind you of? Wear this secret symbol of love and passion to celebrate the wedding night of Edward and Bella. Sterling silver. Necklace $13.25 (£8) and earrings $6.55 (£10).

Why not wear the initial of your favourite character, or maybe T for Twilight? $8.25 each (£5).

This stunning new jewellery collection represents the duality of Edward's character. The clear stones represent his goodness, his beauty and his love for Bella. The black stones represent his thirst, his dangerousness and his desire to kill Bella. Together light and dark symbolise the dual nature of a vampire.

Necklace: $11.60 / £7
Ring: $10 / £6
Earrings: $8.30 / £5

In Midnight Sun Edward muses that Bella needs a guardian angel but has a guardian vampire instead. The rest of us will have to make do with a guardian angel, and you can wear yours wherever you go with these stunning silver angel pendants. It's available in 12 birthstone colours but you could choose one that represents your favourite Twilight character - clear for Edward, sapphire blue for Bella, russet red for Jacob, topaz for all the Cullens, blood red for any vampire, and even green to represent the Forks forests.

$6.65 / £4

This stunning vintage-style necklace and earrings set is based on designs from the period of Edwards youth. Burnish silver-plated jewellery with acrylic beads. Necklace approx 38cm plus 9cm extender, earrings approx 3.6cm long.

£7 / $11.60

This classically elegant sterling silver cross with sparkling cubic zirconia stone represents Carlisle Cullen - from his origins as a vicar's son to his new nature as a sparkling-skinned vampire, and the unfailing faith that has remained with him for centuries.

$16.50 / £10

Roses are the perfect symbol of Bella and Edward's relationship, from the blood-soaked roses at her fateful 18th birthday party to the timeless symbol of love and romance that she carried down the aisle a year later. Red roses are also a perfect symbol for Rosalie Hale - beautiful, vibrant and thorny.

Celebrate Edward and Bella, or Rosalie, with this stunning silver necklace and earrings set. Necklace approx 38cm plus 9cm extender, earrings approx 1cm diameter.

$10 / £6